Travel Reimbursement

Conference presenters can claim $200 CAD in reimbursement for eligible travel expenses. To make this claim, presenters need to submit a Travel Expense Claim Form (to be included in registration package) in addition to original, itemized receipts. Forms submitted without receipts will not be processed.

Please see the Instructions page of the form for more information about eligible travel expenses. Here are the most common ones:

(1) Airfare. An airfare claim requires a ticket receipt and boarding passes. If you were not given a boarding pass, please provide other documentation that proves travel (e.g., certificate of conference attendance, which we will provide to all attendees, and hotel check-out receipt).

(2) Taxi/Shuttle transfers from residence to airport, airport to hotel, etc. Please use Airways Transit (shared shuttle), Waterloo Taxi, or United Taxi. Premium town car and limousine services that cost $130+ (one-way) should be avoided.

(3) Mileage for personal driving. This is reimbursed at a rate of $0.44/km up to the amount of an economy flight ticket. Provide a Google map or to and from addresses.

(4) Local transportation to/from conference events.

(5) Hotel accommodations. Provide proof of payment receipt. Online quotes will not be accepted.

(6) Meals and incidentals not included in conference events. See the Instructions page on the form for maximum amounts you can claim.

For currency conversion to CAD, use only the Bank of Canada’s currency converter and be sure to input the date of the receipt.